A look at late TikTok stars Muskan Sheikh and Rehan Shah killed in Karachi

Photos: Screengrabs via TikTok

KARACHI: Pakistan’s TikTok community mourns two famous TikTok stars Muskan Sheikh and Syed Rehan Shah, both of whom were shot dead Monday night along with two other local social media.

The four TikTok stars were killed when unidentified assailants opened fire on their car near Anklesaria Hospital in Karachi’s garden area and fled. Two died on the spot while the other two were on their way to the hospital, authorities said, while police claimed it was personal enmity.

But who really were Muskan and Rehan?

Muskan Sheikh had as many as 532,100 followers on her TikTok account, @ muskansheikh015, where she posted short videos of herself lip-syncing. desi songs and sharing excerpts from her life.

She only followed 9 people from her TikTok account, but had wanted more than 2.1 million posts across social social video sharing.

On the other hand, Rehan Shah – who followed close to 50 people – had 21,700 followers on his TikTok account @ mr.karachi1. He had wanted 36,600 video posts.

Shah was a lover of both Karachi and Peshawar, according to his TikTok bio, which also reveals that he was interested in cars and politics.

TikTok stars were shot dead

Four TikTokers were shot dead in Karachi’s garden area near Anklesaria Hospital last night, police confirmed Tuesday morning, adding that unknown men opened fire on their car.

A post-mortem report from the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) indicates that Muskan Sheikh was shot dead in the chest.

According to Karachi police, there were some cases filed against Shah and Saddam Hussain – the third TikTok star who was shot dead last night – at various stations. The former was booked for gambling and attempted murder in June 2019, while the latter was named in a case of drug purchases in January 2021.

Both were also booked in case of air firing in January 2021.

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