The CJP says the SC will make sense of Senate votes if the reference is not withdrawn

If the government does not take back the president’s reference for open voting in the Senate election, the Supreme Court will issue its opinion, Pakistani justice chief Gulzar Ahmed said on Tuesday.

Led by CJP Gulzar Ahmed, the bench of the apex court heard the case, while Pakistan’s lawyer Khalid Jawed Khan argued on behalf of the government.

The CJP said during the hearing that if the federal government does not withdraw its presidential reference, the SC would give its opinion.

“The court has to issue an opinion on whether or not to amend the constitution to change the secret ballot method,” he said.

The Supreme Court asked “what is so important about open and secret ballot, and why do others not agree? What are the consequences if the ballot is sold?”

In response to the Chief Justice’s question, the Advocate General said: “Such an act would come under corrupt practice – and a member of the Assembly is disqualified under the Corrupt Practices Act.”

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